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Links to finish spam reporting no longer lose their underline when clicked.

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...It's a bit hard to know from the scant information you have provided but I would venture a guess that the more likely culprit is a web browser setting (assuming you are accessing your mail via a web browser).

...Good luck!

Yes, I use Yahoo mail. The only access is via a web browser, IE8 in my case.

What other information would be of help?

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...Ah, okay, thanks. I don't know IE 8 but in previous versions of IE there were two settings in IE itself (of which I am aware; there could be more) that could control how hyperlinks are displayed:

  • "Underline links setting (instructions for IE 7):
    • click the Tools menu item
    • click Internet Options
    • click the Advanced tab
    • look for the "Underline links" section

    [*]setting a style sheet (from IE 7 Help):

    • click the Tools button
    • click Internet Options
    • click the General tab
    • click Accessibility
    • in the Accessibility dialog box, select the Format documents using my style sheet check box
    • type the name of the style sheet you want to use, or click Browse and navigate to it

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Noting from


that the O/P apparently solved the problem with a spot of registry cleaning. Not for the faint hearted and the only case I have heard of lately where such a process was productive. Maybe the application he used is exceptional (my impression is there are all too many cowboys and out-and-out malwares operating in that business - not helped by the complexity of the registry environment blowing out past all recognition in recent years, to be a little kinder). But evidently it worked this time.

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