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Using the remaining balance of a gift card as a donation


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I have a gift card with a remaining balance of $13.82 (sometimes they're called prepaid credit cards).

I'd like to use that amount as a donation to SpamCop. The screens I found only allow me to donate or pay specific amounts like $15 round. Is there a way to use the full remaining balance of a gift card as a donation?

(I couldn't find a way to do it.)

Regards, Anton.

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Hi Dbiel,

Thank you so much for your answer.

I had found that page before posting. It seems that the page only allows Paypal payments. I will not use Paypal as they can "freeze" your account at any given moment for any given reason. It happened to a friend of mine and Paypal is now holding thousands of dollars in his account.

I tried the other link, like "add money to your existing SpamCop reporting account", but that page seems to link to Paypal also.

If there's a way to do it without Paypal, I'll be happy to hear.

Best regards, Anton.

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