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How do I report SPAM forwarded to me by a client?


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It is againt the agreement you made with spamcop to report spam that you did not receive. It would be up to that client to report the spam they receive. The headers from the forward will always show your client as the source.

You could setup a free spamcop reporting account for that client and either teach them how to submit the spam themselves or do it for them if you can access the original headers. You should configure the account so replies or warnings go to that customer, however. You would still need the headers from the original message (see below).

If you have the headers from the original message, you can paste them into the website. This will track the source (if you don't have mailhosts configured) and tell you where to send manual reports. Be sure to cancel any reports it wants to send so you are not breaking your agreement.

Hope this helps.

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