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Been working fine for years.....

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I am not sure this is the correct place to post this, please advise if not.

Lately it seems that I have been getting spams with a bunch of word salad and a link to yahoo groups. These spams are difficult for Spamcop to pick out for some reason, and I have been diligently reporting them for about a month now. The gmail filter is starting to pick them up more but they are still escaping detection from Spamcop most of the time. Is there something I should be doing different to prevent these new weeds from popping up?

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Seems to be primarily a matter of the SC mail account settings and Yahoo Groups spam, moving to the e-mail forum where SC staff and/or other SC mail users more likely to see it.

The most common problem with filter evasion used to be when the spam was spoofing your own e-mail address and that address was whitelisted - people seem to be aware of that trap now but please check (don't assume) and advise. You might need to provide a Tracking URL for a recent instance of one of those spam slipping through your SC filters so staff or other SC e-mail users (I am neither) can get a better look at what is happening.

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