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Webmail interface acting odd

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Today I've noticed that the webmail filters (my personal filters to move things into folders) are only working intermittently. Several times, mail that should have been moved to other folders showed up in my Inbox. Then later the filter ran and moved it.

Also, this evening I've noticed that when I open folders, the Firefox tab shows loading indefinitely (turning circle), even though it looks like it's completely loaded and everything works--I can open messages, manipulate messages, compose mail, and so on. This happens with the Inbox, Trash, and other folders except Held Mail.


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Don't use the SC mail system but occasionally see similar behaviour using other applications. Wonder if it is background activity on my PC (virus scans, Windows/other updates downloading, etc.) simply hogging internal resources or bandwidth. I must remember to have a look at my running processes some time to see if that tells anything. Once or twice it has turned out to be my internet connection on the verge of dropping out for a little rest.

Of course if mail system users are generally seeing the same as you it might indeed be something specific to the mail system needing attention. Needs more data guys, anyone else?

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It couldn't have anything to do with activity on my system (or yours) because all the filtering occurs on the email server.

I certainly hope to hear from others with the same problem--otherwise, I might just be hallucinating.

Really, though, this morning the filters are just plain not working. Everything's piled up in my Inbox untouched.


P.S. I just noticed that I didn't get an email notification of Farelf's reply. I checked my forum settings, and email notification was set to "delayed." I swear I had it set to "immediate." Could a gremlin be after me?


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