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Tracking a Spammer


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Hello All,

This is my first ever post on SpamCop forums.

Just like everyone here, I want to contribute efforts in shutting down spammers. I am also sick an tired of them.

Anyway, I have been tracking down a specific spammer that has been flooding the inboxes of mine and many people I know. At this first post of mine, I refrain myself from posting the details. I am not sure what's the proper etiquette of disclosing such informations here.

A good friend of mine helped me creating a diagram of the said spammer's activities for the past 6 weeks.

Pending replies from the admins and users of this forums, I would post the information here.



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Hi very,

Welcome and thanks for you interest in anti-spam measures and your efforts in that regard. Sounds like you have gone well beyond the level supported by the SC tool-set but your researches may well be of interest to some individual members here. If so, the topic and any further responses exploring those aspects will be shifted to the "Lounge" forum which would be the most appropriate forum here.

As far as supporting SC goes, your reporting of as many spam with which you are comfortable is always going to be appreciated by SC staff and the general membership here. That addresses the preponderant "big business" and impersonal aspect of the spam scene. The more confronting approach might, of course, draw reciprocal attention from some individual spammers (even in this day and age where such is the exception) and you should keep your contacts with individuals (even from this forum group) well quarantined/sanitised until you are sure of their bona fides.

We don't "do" graphics in these forums but a non-image-displaying link (no "IMG" tags posted here) to graphics safely-hosted elsewhere is acceptable. As far as discussing individual spams, the Tracking URL from a SC report (or the same link given by the parser, but not retained in your reporting account in cases where reports are not generated) is the way to go. Otherwise, confining spam posting to the headers only (no "body" content please) can be tolerated - spammers put some effort into disseminating their "warez" and exploits (an overwhelming amount in aggregate, exceeding the total of legitimate messaging 20 times over) and we don't want to assist that effort, however marginally. We dislike them intensely too.

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