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DLA software


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Thanks for the link.

Those do not do the job.

DLA programs allow files to be dragged into the DVD directly (no "burning" routine needed.)

With DLA software installed the process of adding files to a DVD is as follows:

1 Open DVD in IE

2 Open window with file in IE

3 Drag file from source to DVD window.

4 Click "copy"

5 Done - file is now on the DVD

Prior to step 1, you may have to click "format" on the drop-down menu by clicking on the DVD in C: drive window - "formating" is instantaneous, No long drawn out wait for several minutes for the usual 'burning' programs to format a disk.

This is why I want the DLA software.

If you look at the description for the Roxie DLA program you can see what I am describing.

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Looks like we will need to hear from someone actually using something like that (successfully, on IE8). If it's not on LoL (above) the chances are there's nothing free at the moment.

I did come across http://www.cyberlink.com/products/instantburn/overview_en_US.html?&r=1 about which I know nothing and is not free anyway (USD 19.95). Not clear that it works with IE8 but there is a forum there which no doubt explores/mentions such topics.

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