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Cisco email regarding 'fuel'

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If you are a CESmail email user who reports spam you have likely received an email from Cisco crediting you with $15 worth of fuel. Cisco owns the Spamcop Reporting service.

CESmail users receive, as part of their email account, premium reporting privileges and do not need to purchase fuel nor do the accounts use fuel.

People who wish to report spam and who do *not* have an email account can do so as free users or as paid users - the paid accounts have a couple of additional benefits. They purchase fuel (which translates into a number of megabytes) for spam reporting.

So the email is not a spam or a phish and it would be real nice if you didn't report it as spam. Just ignore it. And no you cannot convert the fuel credit to cash or donate it or, actually, do anything with it.

Sorry for the unnecessary noise in your Inbox!

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I wish this email had been worded better, or sent only to those without CESmail service. I had interpreted it as $15 credit towards future CESmail service but I knew of no way to see any kind of "balance" on my account. I also noticed, for the first time, the "You have 15.7M bytes available." and I had no idea what that was about. (Hint - this should not be displayed for CESmail members.) I worried that it might be some sort of limit on the amount of mail in my mailbox.

Thanks for the explanation.

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