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Where did the check boxes go?


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Okay, I forward my email to spamcop. They send an email back to me, I click the link to process the spam. Then we see the big long webpage with the original message and parsing and so on. Then at the bottom, I see

Report spam to:

Re: (Silent report about source of mail)


Re: http://c.mylastchanceatlove.com/confirm/?oc=546... (Silent report about spamvertisement)


Re: http://ezxdbp.mylastchanceatlove.com/x/?oc=5469... (Silent report about spamvertisement)

Then buttons with:

  • Send spam Report(s) Now
  • Preview Reports
  • Cancel


Is this what is supposed to be happening or is there something missing from the webpage I'm viewing?

I know there's supposed to be some sort of checkboxes to say who you want to be notified of the spam and who you don't. But I don't see them anywhere.


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I think I answered my own question.

It seems that since I'm registered as a mole, I don't have the choice to send it to anyone. I wish that they would have stated that on the page instead of leaving me (and others) guessing. :unsure: Oh well.

I won't change from being a mole, because I know that these :ph34r: spammers would use the info to keep me on their lists. These are not reputable companies - they sell illegal prescriptions and other suspicious stuff, and their urls look like they came from a random number generator. :lol:

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