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Parser upgrade update


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From members.spamcop.net page:

Scheduled Service Outage

The SpamCop.net Reporting Service is scheduled to be offline and unavailable for up to two (2) hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. PDT

on Tuesday August 7, 2012. The reason for the outage is to bring you a major update to the SpamCop.net Reporting Service,

including the capability for parsing and reporting IPv6 sourced spam and IPv6 address space. The new version will

show as SpamCop.net v4.7.0.025

The SpamCop.net website, including spamcop.net, www.spamcop.net, members.spamcop.net and mailsc.spamcop.net will be down

during the upgrade. Emailed spam submissions will continue to be accepted but will not be processed during the downtime.

Once the service is brought back online you can expect a delay of several hours as the backlog of spam is processed.

The SpamCop mail service, newgroups and forums is not affected by this scheduled outage and

will continue to be available throughout the upgrade.

Thank you in advance for your patience

Event announcer - all time zones

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Been and done, all appears OK so far.

Parser version shows as "SpamCop v" and appears to deal with at least one kind of IPv6 occurrence that stopped it in its tracks before:


(refer topic http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...110&hl=IPv6)

NO FURTHER RESPONSES HERE THANKS, unless in relation to the service outage. Feel free to express elation in the SpamCop Lounge or discuss any observations or reporting problems in the SpamCop Reporting Help forum section - and/or to continue existing topics there or elsewhere (recalling a hint of IPv6 issues hitherto maybe affecting Mailhost Configuration?**).

Another issue hopefully addressed by this parser upgrade was the long-standing RIPE lookup one.


**Yes apparently they were, should be OK now, subject to (re)adding mail hosts that were using IPv6 addresses if parses not yet working.

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From newsgroups - parser update temporarily rolled back.

From: Richard W <nobody[at]spamcop.net>

Subject: Re: IPv6 Support

Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 19:00:40 -0600

Sorry all. We've hit some issues that can't be hot patched so we're

rolling back to 4.6.2 as I type. IPv6 support is gone temporarily :-(

Site will be back online in about an hour.


On 07/08/12 9:38 PM, Richard W wrote:

> The SpamCop.net Reporting Service is pleased to announce IPv6 support

> starting August 7, 2012. As of this date SpamCop will parse headers

> containing IPv6, identify appropriate reporting addresses for IPv6

> sourced spam and send SpamCop reports for spam from IPv6 sources.

> Additionally, the www.spamcop.net website may be accessed over IPv6.


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