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IPv6 and mailhost configuration

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From: Richard W <nobody[at]spamcop.net>

Newsgroups: spamcop

Subject: Re: IPv6 Support

Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 08:21:39 -0600

Organization: SpamCop

On 08/08/12 3:38 AM, Fred Zwarts (KVI) wrote:

> "Richard W" wrote in message news:jvsmvh$m0v$1[at]news.spamcop.net...


>> The SpamCop.net Reporting Service is pleased to announce IPv6 support

>> starting August 7, 2012. As of this date SpamCop will parse headers

>> containing IPv6, identify appropriate reporting addresses for IPv6

>> sourced spam and send SpamCop reports for spam from IPv6 sources.

>> Additionally, the www.spamcop.net website may be accessed over IPv6.


> Our mail MX hosts use IPv6. Do I need to add them again in order to

> update their configuration in the Spamcop database?

Yes, mailhost setup does support IPv6 and will need to be added if

present in your network. Up to now they were probably stopping the parse.


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