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Always says "Nothing to do"

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I got a new computer, so I've deleted all my hosts and added my main Email address anew. The account confirmation Email's first two header lines are:

Return-Path: service[at]admin.spamcop.net

Received: from imta29.emeryville.ca.mail.comcast.net (LHLO

imta29.emeryville.ca.mail.comcast.net) ( by

sz0064.wc.mail.comcast.net with LMTP; Wed, 22 Aug 2012 00:26:17 +0000 (UTC)

When I'm at the mailhosts menu I see two drop-downs, lists of names and IP addresses: the ones selected are not "imta29.emeryville.ca.mail.comcast.net" and "" but those are on the long lists (which I wish were... um... sorted?)

Yet, ALMOST every time I forward a spam Email -- as an attachment -- to my Spamcop Email address, I get the auto-response, I click the reporting link, and all I get is:

Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts

Will not trust anything beyond this header

No source IP address found, cannot proceed.

Add/edit your mailhost configuration

Finding full email headers

Submitting spam via email (may work better)

Example: What spam headers should look like

Nothing to do.

All this is when I'm using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. When I use Comcast's web page to view my Email and report spam via my Spamcop Email address, it usually works. What's going on?

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Hi, jasmith4,

...You may be running afoul of a problem with MS Outlook's handling of internet headers. Please see the SpamCop Forum "SpamCop Reporting Help" "Important Topic" labeled "Outlook received header problem," especially the red text in the first post.

...If you receive no further useful guidance here, I would recommend that you contact the SpamCop Deputies via e-mail at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net per the guidance in some of the "Important Topics" in this ("Mailhost Configuration of your Reporting Account") SpamCop Forum.

...Good luck!

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I manually added the Yahoo host to your account.

The parse is working correctly now.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


Thanks for your effort, but I'm curious -- what does Yahoo have to do with anything? My ISP is Comcast.

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