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Routing details for

De-referencing hetzner.de[at]abuse.net

abuse net hetzner.de = abuse[at]hetzner.de, abuse[at]your-server.de

Report routing for abuse[at]hetzner.de, abuse[at]your-server.de

Reports disabled for abuse[at]hetzner.de

Using abuse#hetzner.de[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.

Reports disabled for abuse[at]your-server.de

Using abuse#your-server.de[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.

Alternatively, I sent a copy of "report about" to info[at]hetzner.de.

Then info[at]hetzner.de resolved this issue and replied to me.

I think that we should use info[at]hetzner.de.

inetnum: -


descr: Network Address for Servers

country: DE

admin-c: HOAC1-RIPE

tech-c: HOAC1-RIPE


remarks: INFRA-AW

remarks: INFRA-AW

notify: ripe-mntner[at]hetzner.de

mnt-by: HOS-GUN

changed: ripe-dbm-updates[at]robot.first-ns.de 20100422

source: RIPE

role: Hetzner Online AG - Contact Role

address: Hetzner Online AG

address: Stuttgarter Stra�e 1

address: D-91710 Gunzenhausen

address: Germany

phone: +49 9831 61 00 61

fax-no: +49 9831 61 00 62

e-mail: ripe[at]hetzner.de

abuse-mailbox: abuse[at]hetzner.de

remarks: *************************************************

remarks: * For spam/abuse/security issues please contact *

remarks: * abuse[at]hetzner.de , not this address *

remarks: *************************************************


remarks: *************************************************

remarks: * Any questions on Peering please send to *

remarks: * peering[at]hetzner.de *

remarks: *************************************************


admin-c: MH375-RIPE

tech-c: GM834-RIPE

tech-c: SK2374-RIPE

tech-c: ND762-RIPE

tech-c: TF2013-RIPE

tech-c: MF1400-RIPE

nic-hdl: HOAC1-RIPE

notify: ripe-mntner[at]hetzner.de

mnt-by: HOS-GUN

changed: ronny.biering[at]hetzner.de 20040812

changed: ronny.biering[at]hetzner.de 20050524

changed: ronny.biering[at]hetzner.de 20091215

source: RIPE

changed: mf[at]hetzner.de 20120831

% Information related to ''



origin: AS24940


mnt-by: HOS-GUN

changed: ronny.biering[at]hetzner.de 20060102

source: RIPE

organisation: ORG-HOA1-RIPE

org-name: Hetzner Online AG

org-type: LIR

address: Hetzner Online AG Attn. Martin Hetzner Stuttgarter Str. 1 91710 Gunzenhausen GERMANY

phone: +49 9831 610061

fax-no: +49 9831 610062

e-mail: info[at]hetzner.de

mnt-ref: HOS-GUN

mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT



admin-c: SK2374-RIPE

admin-c: HOAC1-RIPE

admin-c: MH375-RIPE

admin-c: MF1400-RIPE

admin-c: TF2013-RIPE

admin-c: GM834-RIPE

admin-c: DM93-RIPE

source: RIPE

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