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inetnum: -

netname: OPAL-DSL

descr: Opal Telecom DSL

country: GB

admin-c: PM58-RIPE

tech-c: PM58-RIPE


mnt-by: OPAL-MNT

mnt-lower: OPAL-MNT

mnt-routes: OPAL-MNT

changed: rhowson[at]cpwnetworks.com 20081202

source: RIPE

person: Phill Magill

address: TalkTalk Communications Limited

address: Northbank Industrial Estate

address: Irlam

address: Manchester

address: M44 5BL

address: United Kingdom

phone: +44 161 222-2000

fax-no: +44 161 222-2008

e-mail: pmagill[at]talktalkplc.com

nic-hdl: PM58-RIPE

notify: hostmaster[at]talktalkplc.com

mnt-by: OPAL-MNT

changed: hostmaster[at]talktalkplc.com 20110715

source: RIPE


descr: Opal-Net Autonomous System

origin: AS13285

mnt-by: OPAL-MNT

changed: gbowen[at]opaltelecom.co.uk 20090121

source: RIPE

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