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SC not parsing URL's


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Interesting! The parser handled it as a bounce:

Re: (Bounce)

Not sure why, can't quite follow/see it in the headers myself, but the spam has been configured to appear as a bounce/autoreply with subject ("Autoreply from green-card[at]ukr.net ...") and body:

"Good day!

Your message has been received. We will contact you at this address if necessary."

(in Russian).

Neat trick - of course the parser will not look at the message body if it "thinks" it is dealing with a bounce.

You used the webform with the Outlook/Eudora 2-part submission. I suppose the result is the same whatever submission method is used? Hard for you to tell but any others receiving the "same" spam (Subject: Autoreply from green-card[at]ukr.net {EFTPS Federal Payment Batch Has Been Failed.. ID: 6284364}) might be able to tell - looks like you are the only one reporting re though.

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