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Topic with this title merged to earlier topic [Resolved] are emails from info[at]spamcop.com legit? in the lounge. It is now clear that both were discussing the same phish - supposedly from spamcop.com and have nothing to do with spamcop.net or the SCbl. Except of course those receiving them are most welcome to become SpamCop reporters and so "reward" the scammers' audacity.

Thanks to those raising the alarm and providing information. Their information will assist others looking for explanations for what is happening.

Anyone reviewing the merged topic will come to appreciate that that the SC staff and the volunteer members of the forum are better able to assist these inquiries when the spam e-mail headers are provided. In the case of phishes, one or two key phrases from the spam body are useful also - but only if the spam has already been opened and viewed. Opening a spam message with a regular browser/mail application is not generally encouraged, not even to get data to discuss.

Any further discussion/observations to to http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12799 please.

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