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I believe it comes from this construction:

Received: from rcboe-smtpfe.boe.richmond.k12.ga.us ([]:47011 helo=MailGW1.richmond.k12.ga.us)

I just received a 'request for quote' from a "Ricardo Perez" and/or "Lackey, Lemuel" at the address. It didn't look right so I attemped to goto the main site. Like others, I guessed it might be a school district- it is not. :)

My guy called himself LackeLe[at]BOE.Richmond.k12.ga.us) FWIW. I suppose the purpose was to get me to part with critical information to 'prove I was a legitimate vendor' or some such.

Hope it's of use.

Doug Pruner

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Thanks Doug. Quoting corrected, your post moved to its own topic as your warning has nothing to do with the primary concern with IPv6 addressing in the original topic. spam from this source should now parse even if it does contain an IPv6 header (local - unallocated in the original example) following the implementation of the SpamCop.net v4.7.0.111 update.

If rcboe-smtpfe.boe.richmond.k12.ga.us [] is the source, the abuse address would be chjackso[at]doe.k12.ga.us

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