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[Resolved] I Made a Mess of It

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It looks like I made some changes in my account that messed things up.

I send Don'Minion an email yesterday, but received no reply yet. If it is because I caused so many difficulties, I hereby offer my apologies to him. :blush:

Still being so pc illiterate I don't even know exactly what I did, but this is what I remember:

Day before yesterday I got my first spam on a new email address I've had for some months now since I changed ISP. I still have my old address but can't send from it anymore, only receive on it since I left that ISP.

To report spam to SpamCop I was using MailWasher Free which allows one to have one email account only -in my case my old ISP's provided account- and it worked fine. On my new ISP's provided email account I did not get any spam yet anyway. Until day before yesterday as said.

So to be able to report spam received on my new email address yesterday I upgraded to the MailWasher Pro version and added the new email account to it. This way I can report spam I get on both addresses.

(My old ISP told me they could disable my old email account completely, but I decided not to have that done, so I could continue to report the spam send to that old address. They also told me one day it will be closed completely anyway, but could not tell me when, as that depends on when the batch of obsolete accounts has reached a certain amount, in which case a technician will delete them all together in one go.)

Thinking that I had to add the new email account I had added to MailWasher (now Pro) also to my SpamCop account, I did so. I also saw an GMX Mail account there which I had used with my old ISP -Alice- as Alice did not let spam reports go through. But since my new ISP -Tele2- did let them pass, with the help of Don'Minion my spam reporting was set to go through Tele2. So I thought that old GMX account could be deleted from my SpamCop account, and deleted it.

But after doing that and adding my new Tele2 account to SpamCop, I got a "[spamCop] account configuration email", and also a "[spamCop] has accepted 1 email for processing" and a "Spamcop account configuration: error" message saying that the header was missing. I figured that was because my integrated browser Opera Mail client does not show headers. But because MailWasher does, I decided to forward the "configuration" and the "accepted for processing" SpamCop emails through MailWasher. But that I could only do by marking them as spam. I thought that SpamCop would not flag its own emails a spam, so no problem. Later I saw one of them as a still not confirmed spam report on my SpamCop reporting page, and I tried to delete it, but then saw it still as a SpamCop statistics mention.

I also saw some bounce messages on my report page, and clicking on that saw something being reset it seemed, but I had no idea what exactly this was, although it looked like my Tele2 ISP had bounced something.

The result is that I don't get confirmation requests from SpamCop anymore after sending a spam report through MailWasher.

I guess I did not have to add that new Tele2 account to my Spamcop account, as spam reports to and confirmation requests from SpamCop already used my Tele2 email address.

There was also still my Alice account, but I left that untouched, as I thought it is necessary for the spam I still get to my Alice email address.

I suppose I thought a few things that are not so and made errors. But if possible, I would like to correct them -or have them corrected- so I can report spam again. :)

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Handled by email.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -

Indeed. Thank you. B)

(In case anyone would read this and wonder what it was: it had to do with my MailWasher settings. I have to use 2 different usernames in one account in MailWasher, one for fetching Incoming mail (spam) to my Alice address, and a different one for sending spam reports to SpamCop using my Tele2 username.

For spam I get on my Tele2 address I use the same username for Incoming and Outgoing in a second [Tele2] account in MailWasher.)

So spam reporting is working again, I just reported the 3 I got today. Not much, but every bit helps.

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