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Kudos - reporting address

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Was showing

Tracking message source:

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : sm_rostami[at]yahoo.com

After refresh:

"whois[at]whois.ripe.net" (Getting contact from whois.ripe.net)

Abuse address in 'remarks' field: abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

whois.ripe.net found abuse contacts for = abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

whois: - = abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

Routing details for

Using abuse net on abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

abuse net dci.co.ir = soc[at]dci.ir, abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

Using best contacts soc[at]dci.ir abuse[at]mail.dci.co.ir

VERY impressive - don't believe I've seen the refresh pick an address from the 'remarks' field before. Manual over-ride or "programmic"? Good work anyway.

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