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APEWS Removal


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SpamCop has nothing to do with APEWS and posting removal requests here achieves nothing useful - and we find it downright wearisome when they are posted here. Those posts might be subject to removal in future, the only reason this has not happened at the time of writing is we were sort of hoping people would see them and the repeated advice that they are misplaced and take the hint. We don't "do" APEWS removal requests.

The APEWS FAQ suggests "Publish your error report complete with relevant email headers including your IP address so that an Administrator can find it." That DOES NOT mean these SpamCop Forums are a "drop box" for removal requests, the APEWS administrator(s) have never requested that, we do not even know if he/she/it/they ever visits these pages - and the above-mentioned APEWS FAQ goes on to caution against posting removal requests here.

For some independent, calm advice on APEWS listings (and supposed APEWS blocking), read Listed on APEWS: what to do (and what definitely not to do). DO NOT post removal requests ANYWHERE, in any section of this forum!

Should you wish to discuss general matters relating to spam and spammers, you are quite welcome to make an appropriate post in the "SpamCop Lounge" section. Most other sections here relate to SpamCop facilities from the point of view of users or those otherwise affected by them but our membership has varying degrees of interest, experience and expertise in general spam (prevention/avoidance) matters. This is not a "social" site, it has a purpose as an anti-spam site. Do browse at least the Help section before joining the forum and posting. There is a huge additional resource in our Wiki, FAQs, Pinned notices and sundry accumulated topics.

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