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Two problems

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Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5647754143z6...3893f893c1eae0z

First problem, SpamCop could not convert host name to an IP. SpamCop said http://bookkeeper. uovprwhc. in/ (link broken) was not a valid IP. Pasting that URL into http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip.cgi results in an IP of

Second problem, SpamCop is still having problems resolving RIPE contacts. According to RIPE, is registered to hosteam.pl. According to abuse.net, the abuse contacts are: abuse[at]hosteam.pl and noc[at]hosteam.pl.

That being said, when I tried to use SpamCop to look up the contacts, the firewall at work blocked the lookup stating that hosteam.pl is essentially a known "bad" site. Perhaps their upstream (looks like maybe EU.LEVEL3.NET and COGENTCO would be better contacts.

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