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hello everyone.

in the last few days i have noticed that some of the emails i sent are not actually going through, and they usually do get sent.

this is the msg i get back: "[Return Code 550] sid: KB521n0081BlNXA01 :: http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?"

in the email there's also an "eml" attachment of the email i sent.

can anyone tell me please how can i fix this issue? i clicked on the link but i don't know what to do from there..

thank you in advance. and have a lovely day.

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Hi Eddie,

Sorry to hear of your problems. The only way for that server sg2plout10-01.prod.sin2.secureserver.net ( AND a heap of alternates including and to get off of the SCbl is for whoever is doing it to stop sending spam to SpamCop spamtraps (secret addresses that have never been used to validate subscriptions or, indeed, have never sent anything, anywhere, EVER). Someone, presumably secureserver.net or godaddy.com (network owner) has tried to get those servers delisted without discovering and isolating the spam source. Bad, bad move but not the end of the world - SC automatically delists within just 24 hours of the spam stopping (much more lenient than most real-time blocklists).

Anyway, your icevision.com.au mail goes through secureserver.net in Singapore and they will (probably) be routing your mail (and that of many thousand other users) through a sever farm, some of which servers appear to be in and out of the SCbl, depending on how recently they have hit the spamtraps. When your outgoing mail goes through one that is currently listed AND your intended mail recipient's mail service uses the SCbl for blocking (which is not the recommended usage) then your mail will bounce. It might even get "silently dropped" (undelivered and no report back to you).

If it was feasible you could ask all your recipients to whilelist you with their mail providers (but not all of whom would provide that service I fear). The only way to get as near to 100% reliable service as is possible is for you to have exclusive use of a static IP address (one solution is to run your own mail server) and to manage your distribution lists most diligently through the validation of all addresses accepted for further contact.

None of which will be much help to you, I guess. You probably need to contact your mail service provider (godaddy if you deal with them direct) and negotiate a better service - or find a more accommodating provider. The whole purpose of secureserver.net is to facilitate email services but what might be suitable for "consumer-level" purposes is not sufficient for commercial purposes. As you have seen. They may have a "business" plan that is more reliable (and costly) but if they were behind the delisting attempts I would have to say that they are clueless and that their incompetence possibly should not be rewarded by poking more money at them. As a stopgap, if there are "budget constraints", then at least set up up alternative mail channels, even if just a free webmail service like hotmail/outlook, yahoo or gmail.

Just my opinion ...

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Hi Farelf,

thank you so much for taking time to reply to my request.. i will definitely contact godaddy and will see what they can do for me at this stage. i doubt my clients will contact their mail providers!

but thank you for your help anyway.. have a lovely day

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