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Just a simple guestion

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I purchased spamcop email service and i payed. So usually i see services see when it's expired and so on. So is bill sended to my email after time is expired or is it automatic charge?

A renewal notice is emailed to you. I received the following email message 17 days before my account was due to expire:

From: support[at]cesmail[dot]net

Subject: SpamCop Renewal

Hello from SpamCop Email. This is to let you know that your account NOBODY[at]EXAMPLE[dot]COM is due

on YYYY-MM-DD. To avoid receiving this message again or suspension of your

account, please renew your account as soon as possible at


Please reply if you have any questions.

But it's best if you keep track of when you need to renew, in case you don't get the notice.

To see when your account expires:

Log in to webmail at https://webmail.spamcop.net/

Then use the menu at the top:

Options >> SpamCop Tools >> Manage your email forwarding, password, mail report, and greylist settings.

The Expires date is displayed in the upper left.

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Hi, muhari91,

...Sorry that I can't answer you directly; I am not myself a subscriber. My suggestion would be to review the SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of each SpamCop Forum page) articles labeled "When does my account expire?" and "How do I renew my account?" and let us know whether those answer your question sufficiently. If not and you do not get a sufficient reply from other members here, you could submit an inquiry via the form referenced at the SpamCop FAQ article labeled "I forgot my Password / can't login / other account problems."

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