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Spamcop instructions


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Hi Hori,

If your confusion is "what boxes?", that's okay. Mole reporters don't actually have the option of selecting what to report, there are no boxes anywhere, the whole lot simply feeds the stats counts against whatever the parser has identified and the only dispersal choices you have are to go ahead or cancel. The "reports" you might preview don't actually get sent but the detail is all there (abuse desk addresses) if you wanted to take further "manual" action outside of SpamCop in any instance.

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Farelf's reply is probably the answer you are looking for, but just in case it is not...

If the spamcop parser does not check some of the boxes of abuse addresses, it is because there is a reason why reports do not go to that address. The spamcop parser is much more accurate than anyone except real experts. So don't check any boxes unless you are an expert and have checked out all possible reasons.

Occasionally even new users and the technically non-fluent can recognize boxes that are checked in error - the main one is your ISP. It is also obvious that some URL's have put in the spam to make it look legitimate and should not be reported.

So you can uncheck reports. It is much better to have accurate reports and not so many of them than to have lots of reports that are mistakes. So it is always better to be cautious.

Miss Betsy

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