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Spaghetti and beans


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Ah, it's just a touch of whimsy, to be sure. Can't recall the Asimov story but surely we are talking about deuterium oxide 2H2O or D2O. Not all water is the same, that's heavy water (higher SG: 1.107, higher MP: 3.82 °C, higher BP: 101.4 °C, than H20).

It was thought for a while it might be the elixir of life, not sure why, perhaps just optimism (anything that rare had to be good). On closer examination it turned out to be toxic, in ways that are still imperfectly understood. Investigation is hampered by the expense of the stuff. Anyone wishing to OD on it would need to have deep pockets (and great patience, it would take a while) - or be an exceptional thief (and patient).

But it wouldn't hurt to cook with it, occasionally, for the sort of reasons Napoleon III used aluminium cutlery.

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