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"the password or username is not correct"


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Hi hatters,

People have occasionally had problems with MailWasher - settings unaccountably changing or some-such. Double check you settings and if nothing found write to Don D'Minion (SpamCop Admin) at spamcop[at]spro.net - with the full error message and context and your reporting account details (do not post those here).


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Hi, show&tell,

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem!

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp My recommendation to you would be the same as the other Steve's recommendation to the OP: "... write to Don D'Minion (SpamCop Admin) at spamcop[at]spro.net - with the full error message and context and your reporting account details (do not post those here)."

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I've seen this myself on more than one occasion, with not being able to log in to my reporting account. but thankfully not for about a month. I haven't managed to figure out a pattern yet, beyond waiting a while and trying again. The last time I had to wait a couple of days.

EDIT: For the record, I don't use Mailwasher.

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Just which sign-in is being accessed may have some bearing in some cases. No doubt there have been changes in terms of error messages etc. but I currently see these options, assuming they all still work (I use 2a. only - simpler if the browser is set to "remember" credentials - on a non-shared PC! - I'm a little uncertain about how the others are processed):

1. https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=loginform;returnurl=%2Fanonsignup.shtml (requires cookies)

2. https://members.spamcop.net//anonsignup.shtml ("HTTP basic auth")

2a. http://members.spamcop.net/ (produces the sign-in/"Authentication Required" pop-up of the above unless already logged in during the same browser session)

3. https://www.spamcop.net/ces/members.shtml (spamcop.net e-mail account users, hit the "Report Ѕpam" link)

When the cookie expires subsequent to option 1. sign-in there can be confusion (unless something a little more tidy/automatic has been instituted lately) - but it simply requires accessing the page and re-setting the cookie. I guess the other thing to remember is that the reporting account "username" is the original e-mail address specified when starting the account - NOT the reporting alias/handle and NOT any subsequent contact e-mail address.

I suppose, if 2. or 2a. fails, an alternative would be to try 1. (unless cookies are disabled for the browser) and vice-versa. I don't know, just something I would try. Otherwise straight to Don D'Minion.

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Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Here is a more detailed description of the problem that I have been discussing with Don. He reckons it is a problem with Mailwasher, but I can "quick reply" from Mailwasher from the accounts in question without any username or password problems, it is only when I'm submitting to SpamCop that I get the error message. here is the more detailed explanation...

1. I have submitted spam emails to Spamcop for a few years now, but a few days ago when I submitted to this email address submit.(secret code)[at]spam.spamcop.net from either of my two registered (with Spamcop) email addresses via Mailwasher I started getting the message "The password or username is not correct", so obviously the spam was not submitted to SpamCop.

2. Does the message in 1 above come from Spamcop or from Mailwasher? (I now think it's from Spamcop as I have explained above)

3. If the message comes from Spamcop what do I need to so to correct the error?

4. I can logon to the SpamCop website using my email address (username hatters) using tempass (supplied by Don) which I have now changed to my own password.

5. I very rarely logon to the Spamcop website apart from clicking on the link that I used to always get back on the email from Spamcop.

6. My previous question below was asked because I don't understand the relationship between the emails I submit to Spamcop and my logon user-id. This question was

- How does the user (Spamcop user?)and password affect the spam emails that I submit?

Any ideas gratefully received.

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Thanks for the feedback (and your candour - that will help others looking here for answers) - a good result then :) Note I have further munged the submission address you posted earlier. The code is "secret" and opinions vary on the risk of revealing it but if you find some joker submitting spam on your account and it becomes a nuisance then ask Don for a new submission address. Only you can complete the report process past the submission stage so it wouldn't be more than a nuisance, hopefully.

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