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IronPort filters

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Spamcop.net mail now uses IronPort filters. The appliance support page for filtering is:


- and I note from general observation that some appliance-using clients point their user base to the report address for undetected spam (and there's a report address there for false positives too, if copies can somehow be retrieved by end users). Intended for use by NOC-type people but, as said, in some networks the user base is also encouraged to share in the fun. No doubt some spamcop.net account users will prefer to continue reporting any "leakers" through SC, but others may be enjoying the (relative) absence of spam under the new arrangement and happy to help refine the IronPort filtering.

FWIW then, the current addresses per the above link are:

Cisco IronPort Anti-spam

Report undetected spam to: spam[at]access.ironport.com
Report false-positives to: ham[at]access.ironport.com

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Thanks saved the webpage

Not yet a problem CisCo filters for me work flawlessly

What happens when you report Brazil spam crime gang using



Gmail filter it correctly as spam but I have ZERO tolerance

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