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Spamcop believes ISP stall tactics


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If you see this screen capture :


You will see that http://www.PCSmartHosting.com/ tells Spamcop it will resolve the issue after the 28th . . . but as you can see by my time stamp, it's the 29th.

We've seen this tactic used hundreds of times. This particular wave has been going on since September, and they spamvertise about six different sites -- illegal drugs -- and after reporting a bunch, I'll get this notice -- and Spamcop doesn't report.

They keep spamming and in a couple of days, Spamcop is once again accepting the reports.

Even if the ISP claims they'll stop the spam, Spamcop should continue the reports.

This spam cartel uses WhoIS masking, and all the techniques that mark those spammers who intend to continue and ignore Spamcop.

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&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Aren't you being a bit impatient? :) <g> If this persists for more than about a week, I'd suggest you contact the SC Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net and ask them how to make SC recognize that the offending service is not going to stop the spam.

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