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  1. Yes, I understand that. Maybe I wasn't clear. The target of the spam in most UCE is the culprit, NOT who mailed the email. I'm talking about a spam where there's an obvious link, or redirect, to an obvious cyber criminal site, but Spamcop DOES NOT LIST IT to be reported. There is a Drug Cartel who has scraped all AOL addresses. Almost daily I get a spam from AOL promoting this or that "miracle" drug remedy" . . . they often use celebrities like Dr. Oz, or Ellen or TV shows like "Shark Tank" We have authenticated the claims by contacting some 30 celebrities they've hoaxed, and NONE of them endorses the product -- in fact, most of them did not know they were being spoofed. Until recently, the spamvertised web site would ALWAYS be reported in the spam. The next on to arrive would have a different site -- that way we knew they were reported and shut down. Now, however, the spamvertised link is NOT included in the reports. They've been back again and again from the SAME domains -- clear indication they are NOT getting shut down. That was my question : Has Spamcop stopped reporting the spamvertised site.
  2. for the last several months, spamcop reports do NOT reveal or report the spamvertised site. Everyone knows it's no use reporting the SENDER of the email, and if it's AmazonAWS, CloudFlare, Google or DigitalOcean, it's no use reporting them anyway because they ignore reports. It's the benefactor of the spam that needs to be reported and get blocked. Why did Spamcop stop doing that ????
  3. Nope, three weeks now and zero spam. Is there some spamcop in the sky that blocks addresses from getting spam? did the big spam cartels somehow decide to remove my address because my articles about spam and cybercrime were getting shared so much? ( https://www.facebook.com/safenetting/ ) Has my ISP blocked me from spam? Other email works perfectly, and some small-time, bush-league spammers get through . . . like those annoying BitCoin Blackmailers ! But Chinese spam? ZERO. Ever since I started posting translations! Do you suppose the Chinese have the power to block ALL Chinese spam from a specific email address? I still get it in all my other addresses! A uge mystery Fred
  4. Just one? LOL ... I have hundreds. And don't forget, Digital Ocean is as bad, and ALSO a Cloudflare customer Trouble : While looking for just the right one to send, one with child pornography, I discovered a really disappointing thing about SpamCop . . . they don't save the links. So now I realize I should have been saving all the spams all along, because the SpamCop reports go dead after a short while, and will be of no use in court. Oh, here's one now . . . -+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+ Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6551228113zce6952908972d8430eb3d88f55842047z https://specialoffer.cannablisslabs.com/fm/?affid&s134941&s2Y3423566&s3=&s4=&s5=&reqid777172 This email IS spam: From: "cannablisslabs" <no-reply@spacemarket.co.jp> (Claim your bottle of CBD oil today!) .The most powerful Cannabidiol Oil! ............................................ .....................5=E6=9C=88=E3=83=9D=E3=82=A4=E3=83=B3=E3=83=88= View full message Report spam to: Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) To: abuse@digitalocean.com (Notes) Re: https://specialoffer.cannablisslabs.com/fm/?aff... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) To: abuse@cloudflare.com (Notes) &&&&&&&&&&& NO WAIT . . . USE THIS ONE ... this one has the target link protected by CloudFlare, as well as the spam destination redirect link! Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6546024000z195052b423505e92dbf0eb0857849a47z https://www.jvzoo.com/b/0/31317/2 http://easyretiredmillionaire.info/0jZ5j http://jvsales.info/edrev/ https://smms.sendlane.com/unsubscribe-mail/b938ea05417e15965f4d1f5fbc94365d/campaign/4076/smms This email IS spam: From: Audrey Lynn <fZuckerberg@gmail.com> (=?UTF-8?B?8J+SsPCfkq8gWW91IEFyZSBDYXBhYmxlIG9mIEdlbmVyYXRpbmcgJDE=?=,250/Day Guaranteed !) Showker,You've just been granted a custommade Income = View full message Report spam to: Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) To: abuse@digitalocean.com (Notes) Re: http://easyretiredmillionaire.info/0jZ5j (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) To: abuse@sharkservers.co.uk (Notes) Re: http://jvsales.info/edrev/ (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) To: ipabusereport2#liquidnetlimited.com@devnull.spamcop.net (Notes) To: postmaster#liquidnetlimited.com@devnull.spamcop.net (Notes) Re: https://smms.sendlane.com/unsubscribe-mail/b938... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) To: abuse@cloudflare.com (Notes) Re: https://www.jvzoo.com/b/0/31317/2 (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam) To: abuse@cloudflare.com (Notes) -+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+-+---+ don't forget . . . Digital Ocean is also a huge spam purveyor, and they too are protected by CloudFlare ... in fact, they're hosted by CloudFlare. ALSO Amazon and Google -- both doing the same as CloudFlare . . . in fact, take a look at THIS :
  5. Hello Heather . . . NO. Dead. I could not get an attorney interested without a 100-grand commitment up front. it will be extremely expensive, even though there is a clear violation of law it cannot be litigated in civil court Most attorneys I've talked to do not have the tech savvy to build the case to win There are now several dozen other "proxy" providers doing the same thing Since the advent of security awareness, the courts are not friendly to "finding" the source of email I have reported literally hundreds of spams directly via CloudFlare's own reporting form. For a long time they would reply a few days later with the owner of the spamvertised property, however recently they have started responding that "No action taken because we cannot find that any wrongdoing has been committed". . . . when I can prove they sent Russian "Girls" to minors. Of course, you know that the distribution of pornography is a class 1 Felony. By the time the case arrives in court, the "live" evidence is gone, and screen captures, addresses, headers, etc are not convincing evidence. It is a travesty, and so far as I can tell, one that cannot be combated. IF you look at CloudFlare's P&L statement you see they're quickly becoming one of the BIG dot.coms and have multi-millions to crush anyone who stands up against them. I've written articles, sent article tips to big time writers and news editors to no avail. Bottom line : nobody cares. 🙂 Sorry folks. Fred https://medium.com/@showkster/dont-have-a-gun-of-your-own-here-use-one-of-ours-better-yet-use-cloudflare-2ee4766e2c76
  6. About a week ago I started getting zero spam from my Spamcop account. This is the first time since 1997 that I have NO spam in the spam folder for over a week. --- not even Chinese spam, which has come every single day for twenty years. How can this be?
  7. Keep in mind that Amazon owns 65% of the server resources on the entire internet. You cannot do anything on the internet hardly without being impacted by Amazon. A recent book tells of the author who attempted to completely block Amazon, Google and Apple from the "connected" world and could not do it. (Recent show on public TV) However, yes, I do believe it helps to report it. It helps even more to make memes of the logistics and tweet them @amazon #amazoncybercrime
  8. I just reported my last spam from 163.com Since Spamcop closed, and then Knujon closed, and the world gone mad with GDPR, and ICANN gone over to the cyber crime side, and nobody policing Google, Amazon, Facebook or any of the other big boys, I have decided to stop wasting my time reporting any spam other than the ones I can identify the actual spammer / end of the money trail. All those hundreds of thousands of Chinese spams I've reported over the past two decades has done no good whatsoever. They just keep on coming. So any unrecognizable language spams will go directly to the trash. As we see our fellow spam fighters begin to die out, and the world is becoming increasingly okay with spam, I believe our usefulness is drawing to an end. Life is short. I'm concentrating on what I can change, and ignoring all that I cannot change! The best thing that could happen is the entire country of China and the Pacific Rim be blocked from the US. (IMHO) Let them spam themselves, or at least those who can read and understand their language. Thanks for reading Fred
  9. They are now closed. Don't know if or when they will come back.
  10. This is a canned response to say "forget you, we're actually doing nothing" Cloudflare has a similar "boilerplate" reply when you catch them red-handed in a direct lie. Give up. Yes, I agree, EVERYONE should block amazonaws, but nobody's listening. We're such a tiny spec on the butt of the internet we have no power what so ever up against Amazon, Google, Cloudflare and a dozen others who are making millions by exploiting the cyber crime industry. Welcome to the world of Crimazon.com and if you don't believe me, or want a real eye-opener, read Future Crimes by Marc Goodman http://amzn.to/2irHG0T (ironically available at Amazon!)
  11. Yes, we believe it helps to report. I've been tracking them and if you follow SafeNetting or UGNN on Facebook or any of the "News" social medias you've seen my "Amazon complicit with Cyber Crime Cartels" alerts and warnings. Yet, when we report, it's the last time we get spam from that particular IP and domain. Yes, they switch -- and have a billion opportunities to continue switching -- but I do believe those reports get some attention. I have been unable to reach a spokesperson, it seems to all be automated without human intervention. Cloudflare is much worse. They actually admit that they are getting rich off cyber crime and nobody seems to care enough to speak up. I contacted a major, national law firm to launch a class action suit, but they said the judges have so little knowledge of technology that they believe the Amazon, Google and Cloudflare yarn about having nothing to do with the content. Why is Google blocking Amazon? https://medium.com/@showkster/why-is-google-blocking-amazon-d912e4b26ab2
  12. No, I don't think so. I looked at each one, and reported each one, and the "to" addresses were all over, with me "cc" ... Some were to AOL accounts and many (probably the majority) to Gmail accounts. I discovered SpamCop chokes when there's more than six domains to include. So, I only reported the spams up to the 5th domain so that the key domains would be reported. If people just clicked "report" then they only reported "Administrator of network where email originates" and none of the spamvertised domains. They also know Spamcop's routines very well, as they included links to Amazon, and Google ... but github.com is the main culprit. Sending IPs (if not VPS) range all over the place from to That's one of the real problems with the "new" internet masking craze : VPS, cyber crime's best new friend! :-) I'm so tied up with hurricane Irma, spam is the last thing on my plate.
  13. What's the deal with all this barrage of spam subject: Qtum Main Network Launches September ... or similar????
  14. We were fairly free of spam from a set of domains for quite a while, but now they seem to be back with a vengeance. Anybody else notice? anti-spam (@) ns (dot) chinanet (dot) cn (dot) net spam (@) jsinfo (dot) net abuse (@) 12321 (dot) cn postmaster (@) jsinfo (dot) net abuse (@) jsinfo (dot) net spam (@) ccert (dot) edu.cn
  15. Is this thread still active? I've been building a case for months. now you guys seem to have gone cold on going after Cloudflare. Let's go after them as a Class Action and at least get monetary compensation for our trouble.
  16. Report the spamvertised address. Turn off Apple and YOUR report items, but do report the spamvertiser -- the entity intending to gain by sending the spam.
  17. Hey guys . . . When I am targeting a specific spammer, I copy all the text from "Here is your. . . " and save with reference. Actually it's real easy, just drag the last reference, then shift/click at "Here is your" and you select it all, then drag and drop into a text editor. (I use BBEdit) Not only does it keep that in a searchable form, if you use the Cloudflare reporting page, https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/form They then accept it as "legal" .... I've done about 60 or so in the past several weeks. If there's anyone else out there interested in going after Cloudflare, please let me know. :-)
  18. Over the past six months I've seen an alarming rise in spam -- particularly body enhancement and health or weight loss -- with host listed as Cloudflare.com ... I've reported several hundred. Then I learn they ignore Spamcop and have their own reporting "form" ... Who else has Cloudflare.com spam reports? Would you be willing to hold them? Or, are you just not reporting them? What makes me very mad is they openly admit they let all the cybercrime through, and have no responsibility for who uses their VPN and IP Address masking. All their web site and so forth are completely automated and buffered from any contact. For all I know, it's actually a middle Eastern terrorist cell running it. Their income is in the millions. So today, if you want to send millions of spams, just put in two redirects, and host them at Cloudflare.com I've reported 60 or so through their form, which is a five-step form that only accepts one domain at a time. I pressed them on the point that after I've reported the attack, they can no longer claim not to know who is sending or what the nature of it is. So they're obviously covering up the fact of how rich they're getting off of shielding the cybercrime industry. I do not think SpamCop is adding them to the black lists since they haven't shown up anywhere. It should be illegal. :-(
  19. I had to shut down my spamcop address because of a "Joe Job" spam attack ... now it's over and I cannot find the original place to get the spamcop mail hooked back up. I re-read the instructions but the form returns a 404. :-( Any help?
  20. there have been a rash of attachment spams lately -- does anyone know if these are malwre? We got 8 this morning -- all said "Photos" like someone was sending me a photo . . . this one is an "invoice" ... we've gotten a rash of those too. Spamcop never finds the sender, and reporting is basically worthless. The IP resolves to somewhere in Iran ... are these ISIS terrorists trying to break in? In my email it looks sort of like this screen capture :
  21. Using this "User Notification" and "Additional Notes" fields, can the REAL ISP of the offending cybercrime site be notified? Is this right?
  22. showker


    They're okay. Check KNUJON on LinkedIN . It's just a major HUGE operation, and they're dreadfully underpaid and understaffed. But keep sending those reports. I got my updated report just the other day. :-)
  23. > Are we losing the battle ? Yes > Would help if you showed a Tracking Url Since Spamcop stopped doing email services we no longer get the bulk reports of spam reported with tracking URLs. Now we must manually save them -- a huge problem if you're reporting hundreds of spams a day. But soon you can just give up. There will be no use trying to fight the deluge of cybercrime. Obama is giving the NS system anad DNS to a band of international rogues, mainly Chinese and Russians. At that point, it won't matter. You'll be innundated with spam and nobody cares. At that point, I'm probably throwing in the towell. I have over 9,000 documented spam "Kills" as recorded by Knujon. I've reported over 96,000 spams in the past decade. It's time for me to get off the grid and take my boat to the islands to live out my final days in unconnected bliss. :-)
  24. You are correct. We've seen the same problem -- where "spamvertised" sites have been included in the reporting for over a decade, Spamcop has stopped recognizing the links. I believe it's a glitch, or bug in the parser. They couldn't have done it intentionally because they know it's just useless to report only the sending emailer. If they did, in fact, do it intentionally it's probably some political pressure because some of the "big boys" are annoyed by getting so many reports. Enom is a ring leader. Now that AMAZON is implicated in so much cyber crime activities, perhaps they brought their huge hammer down on Spamcop. We just don't know. But you can bet, both Google and Amazon are making a pile of money off the spam, cybercrime and cyber terrorism industry they don't dare hinder it. Now Microsoft is in the stew, and a percentage of the spammers are using the Microsoft Cloud. It's a hit for cyber criminals because Spamcop and similar automated reporting services recognize the 'cloud' as "No Master" ... so there's nobody to report to. If you Manually dissect the headers and links you'll find out exactly where it's coming from, right down to the machine IP address. Unfortunately, the "cloud" just renders "No Master" or large spam-friendly hosts like www.softlayer.com or true cybercrime cartels like Enom. You should go and check in to www.Knujon.com and begin reporting spam to them. They will accept a mailbox text file upload, so it's not a matter of reporting each spam. They parse and database "bad" web sites, hosts and registrars, and then petition through ICANN by identifying rogue registrars and criminal cartels. This is not necessarily shutting down spammers in the trenches -- but in the bigger picture, they're getting the huge cartels identified and squashed. . . . . that's http://www.Knujon.com/ thanks for reading. Fred
  25. Two or three fields should be added to the form that would include the "Spamvertised" site links. Since Spamcop form is broken and no longer 'finds' links in the spam, the reporting is sort of useless. The sender of the email is not helping curb the spam. Follow the money trail to the actual cyber criminals involved. Serious spam reporters can follow redirects and get the actual sites responsible for the spam. THOSE are the links / URLs / hosts that need to go into the black hole. To avoid abuse of those fields, perhaps a second level of reporting volunteers who will utilize the "executive" form correctly. I know you're very paranoid about false positives, but in that effort, you're missing the real culprits.
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