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Parsing time

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I know this line was mentioned in another thread, but thanks to Julian for this slight modification.

There is a new line in the parsing of messages by the spam is fresh message which states exactly how old the parser is calculating the message to be. There is a typo in the line which I understand has been reported to Julian.

Meassage is 0 hours old

We can use this information to try and figure out exactly whic headers are being used to determine the data and maybe figure out why the results are all over the place. Hopefully, with this change came a modification of the code to fix this already, but we will see.

Currently, my home account, which is reported all day long reports:

Welcome, Steven P. Underwood.

Your average reporting time is: 17.6 days; Not bad.

While my work one which is reported mainly only weekdays gives:

Welcome, Steven Underwood.

Help support SpamCop - upgrade your account!

Your average reporting time is: 12 hours; Pretty good!

P.S. So far, all of my reports from the free account have been accurate.

P.P.S. The typo does not exist in the quick report summary, just the full report.

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