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What is SpamCop?

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An amended version of the Custom Pages redirected original, lost in the October 2014 changes, incorporating the relevant "Where to get Help" detail from the SCWiki. Do not overlook the Forum general help file - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help

SpamCop is a comprehensive service offering something for everyone in the fight against spam. In this case, COP stands for Citizen On Patrol. SpamCop Reporters patrol their mailboxes and report the spam inside. SpamCop has the following component Services and Systems:

An alternative view suggests the following analogy;

SpamCop works exactly like the credit reporting agencies, and since most people understand how that works;

  • SpamCop == Credit Reporting Agency
  • SpamCop Users == Various Financial Entities that report credit info
  • ISP using SpamCop to handle incoming email == Dealership using credit report information to decide whether or not to give you the car loan

Read at least one of these following entries prior to posting your query, complaint, rant, whatever. Failure to note the basic concepts may result in getting an answer that you'd probably rather not see/read!

If any/all of this existing pile of resources doesn't resolve the issue, answer the question, make you happy, then there is the option to directly contact the extremely small handfull of overworked SpamCop Staff. Two currently (and historically) handling queries are:

SpamCopAdmin -- Don D'Minion/Argyle - SpamCop Administrative affairs, also serves as a Deputy
* email address: service[at]admin.spamcop.net

Richard W -- Richard/R.W. - Deputy (SpamCop Reporting and legacy email)
* email address: deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net

For an issue with the Parsing & Reporting / Blocking List systems;
How do I contact a SpamCop Representative?

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