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What's the point?????

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For some four months I have been reporting a viagra spammer at least four time a day. Before this (fropm August) I was receiving up to 30 each day/night. I believe this is one of the most prolific of spammers and in my opinion slow gassing would be too good for him/her/them (and I would happily. puill the lever).

Despite all that I have done, this excrement still comes! What exactly is the point of reporting such spam when it apparently makes no difference at all? The scum who send this rubbish must have an IQ of a dead cockroach as they seem to think I will use their 'service' if they keep emailing me day after day. Jesus wept! How dumb is that?

I notice the url is different in each email so I assume he/she/they have to keep changing their website, but any hope this will wear the sender down is not fulfilled as it just keeps on - and on and on.- coming. I assume some dumbasses are sending him/her/them money or they would not be doing this (and it must be quite a number to go to this trouble of keep setting up new websites at least 4 times a day). Is there really that number of stupid people using the internet? (Nb. I am in the UK and can get Viagra completely free - I don't need to buy it, if I ever wanted it).

I have decided to abandon my email address on yahoo (which I have had for over ten years) and get one where I can

change the email name as I choose.

(NB. I see my allowance on Spamciop has gone from 15 Megs to 14.7Megs).

Apart from all that i have said, I sometimes see on Spamcop that the ISP has requested no communications about

the spammer.

So, I ask again, what is the point of reporting such spam? If it's supposed to be therapeutic, it is NOT. This clearly is not

a typical spammer, so something special is needed.

VERY pissed off!


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Hi, outlawspam,

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. It is one many of us share (or have shared at some point). Please let us know what you read that made you think that SpamCop would stop your spam. This seems to be a common misconception but no one has yet answered this question; I'd really like to try to get the offending language corrected!

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp To try to answer your questions, at least superficially: reporting to SpamCop does two things:

  • SpamCop tries to find an abuse address to which to send a report, on the outside chance that an administrator of the spam source (IP address) will see it and both wish to and be able to stop future such spam. SpamCop has no power or influence over such decisions.
  • SpamCop includes your report in a set of statistics it uses to determine whether to include the spam source IP address in its blacklist, which it makes available to anyone who wishes to use it to handle suspected spam (generally, that's e-mail admins and ISPs). One user's reports can never cause a listing.
&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Since SpamCop bases all its decisions on the IP address it determines to be the spam source, when spammers use multiple IP addresses, generally through spam botnets, SpamCop sees them as different sources and that frequently allows spammers to escape being included on the SC blacklist.

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If anything here isn't clear, please use the "Search" feature near the top right of each SpamCop Forum screen or post a follow-up reply here.

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