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A page showing devnulled domains


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I'd like to request a page on the Spamcop web site that lists domains that are not receiving reports. This would be by domain, not IP address, if possible.

I understand that there are legitimate reasons for reports to be devnulled, and the web page could omit those. The main ones I'm interested in are where the domain operator has requested that they no longer receive reports (but not for legitimate reasons, such as that they are receiving reports via another channel), or where reports are always bounced.

Ideally the list would be sorted by the number of reports, with the biggest offender at the top. Being able to select a date range (month, year) would also be useful.

This page would be useful when researching providers: if someone recommends a hosting provider, and I go to this page and see that they are unresponsive to spam complaints, I will avoid using that provider.

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Apologies for old thread resurrection, but I'd also really like a feature along these lines to be added - having a list of known devnull email abuse report addresses comes in very useful when you report to additional addresses (like registrars, or additional hosts where a spam contains multiple payload URLs (spamcop will only report to the first found), or where theĀ  real payload URL is hidden behind redirects).

It's slightly irritating to craft a targeted spam report, only to find the reporting address(es) get devnulled only after you hit submit - if you knew beforehand, you could skip the hopeless address targets /find alternative reporting addresses. I've taken to making my own list of known devnull addresses, but it's painful to maintain & cannot account for addresses that were only temporarily devnulled (or is it a permanent thing?).

Whilst I have the begging bowl out, it'd also be nice to extend the undocumented 100 character limit on additional report copy addresses a little - when a spammer is using multiple payload URLs/multiple hosts with short TTL times, you can fill the current limit fairly quickly.

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Lking has elsewhere stated:


Whether a report is received/read or not by abuse{AT}[domain] or sent to devnull, the data is added to the the blocklist database affecting the reputation of the IP address.

So it's worthwhile reporting spam even if it all gets devnulled. I report everything regardless.

But a list of the worst offenders (hosts) would still be useful. Even if it's just the top ten worst ones (by volume).

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