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  1. Sorry to hear you are having problems. As you look for the cause a couple of things to help narrow you search. Your outgoing email is not blocked locally but by some element of the receiving email system. (i.e. bradken.com Internet services provider that provides their email service.) Block list services block IP addresses of the source of the email, not the domain names sending email. There are several sources to check if you IP address is being blocked. To check if SCBL is blocking your IP address go to https://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml Starting with https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=map you drill down entering you IP address to see if other block list are affecting your IP. Without the IP address used by your email service no one here can do more that tell you where to look. You do need to talk to the people receiving your blocked emails. It is their system that is blocking your email IP. There are several block list other than SpamCop. With some systems the system admin can white list your emails so they will not be blocked. Hope this is some help.
  2. I remember when I could type faster than the link could take the data. ... I will pass on the "Good old days." I will admit to some nostalgia for talking directly to the CPU registers instead of a blotted OS.
  3. Why? Do you mean to re-send reports that were devnulled? There are several reasons not to send reports, file them under devnull among them: Passed reports have bounced. (the last 6 reports send bounced - think) The ISP has ask SC not to send spam reports. -- SC does not want to add to the clutter of unwanted email. Why use the bandwidth to send emails not wanted that is going in the bit bucket anyway? It is known, reason to suspect, that the ISP will give the report to the spammer. Or do I still not understand what you meant?
  4. I would not thank so. It is not an error to send reports to devnull. Re-sending reports would open SC to having a single spam reported to the sender's ISP and the SCBL several times, distorting the data base, making all reports then questionable.
  5. Even though spam reports are not sent, your reports do feed the SCBL
  6. Got power, but internet did not recover. limited to a cell phone hot spot. Slower and expensive.
  7. @RobiBue I needed that. Power back ~ 13 hrs. My batteries lasted however the cell towers didn't so no power, internet, cel hotspot or heat. Could have used a stranger 😉 Lose of a few organized electrons and its back to the stone age burning wood to heat the cave. Cell tower did come back with the power. Yes it is my choice to live here. Power company had a double failure. Fixed the first one an arrester failed (caused by high winds) turned thing back on and a transformer failed blowing fuses again. That took longer to fix. Judy was a hart throb back in the day when I was young and ...
  8. My local power is down, expected for 5+ hrs. So clearing the spam was a little late today. First snow storm of the season with high wind. A little test of all hardware.
  9. Yes. All spam reported to SC feeds their SCBL
  10. There are several reasons to send reports to devnull. Several (6 i seem to remember) pass reports have bounced back to spamcop - So why send more? The admin on record has ask spamcop NOT to send spam reports. - Spamcop does not want to add to the email clutter. If they are not going to act on the report, just put it in the bit bucket, why use the bandwidth to send more report to the admin? There is strong evidence that the reported admin passes the report directly to the spammer. - Not good. Others I do not know what the situation is with google. But there is evidence here that google does nothing with the reports.
  11. This thread covers 6 years. spam does seem to be their business model.
  12. If you would post Tracking URL for the examples we all could look. The tracking URL above the spam or in the email you received saying the spam was ready to report.
  13. Who thought I would need more for hobby, non-critical, SW development?
  14. I have not heard or seen anything on this. I don't use edge and I am just a volunteer here on the forum so may not be fully aware.
  15. @petzl my chose is Private Internet Access They do offer a fixed IP.. It is part of the package but I have not seen the need. I can select which server I connect to but like you the closest one a 6 hour drive away.
  16. Thank you @RobiBue Any confusion may be my fault. My OP was an observation about the VNC I use to remotely access a Raspberry Pi I have in a system (in an other room.) This connection happens to be all within my LAN i.e. addresses 192.168.x.x all addresses behind the modem that connects me to the internet. As noted above, this is not a necessary restriction. The Raspberry Pi could be anywhere in the world with an internet connection. AND that introduces the security issue, The laptop I am using can be anywhere on the internet also. To address this larger security issue, the VNC application I uses makes me create a "Network"; a list of all the IP addresses that can connect using the VNC. Security issue (simplistically) solved. BUT creates the problem I posted. With the internet down I could not connect to the other computer on my LAN using the VNC, because network membership could not be check. As an aside I also us a VPN on the computer I normally used to connect to the internet, (browser, email, google, etc.). This really boils down to who do you trust? Do I trust my ISP or my VPN provider more? In a world without network neutrality, I trust my VPN more than Version (or whoever). As a result, my ISP sees a stream of gibberish all to one IP address. At my VPN provider's server, in say Chicago, the stream is decrypted and put back on the internet. Fun fact: when I shop at Home Depot, they suggest I can pickup stuff at the Niles, IL 60714 store. If I connect to a different one of my VPN provider's servers I get different results. This of course is different than the end-to-end encryption used by your bank.
  17. quoting from openvpn.net My translation "Cloud" ==> 'Your data on someone else's computer' @KNERD Thanks for the link. With just 2 free I get into the same fix I;m in now with 2 laptops and 3 embedded controllers. Well 1 embedded, 2 on the workbench, but still. Looking at what I have, the required internet link is a "security feature." Each system is added to "My network" and there is a check before establishing a link.
  18. Move over. We need more room in that boat!
  19. Things are getting better. Sundays outage was only about 12 hrs. their one FaceBook post didn't know why but suggested maybe it was a bad repair from the last outage. Discovered that RealVNC a "powerful & fully encrypted remote desktop software" that I have been mindlessly using to access an embedded headless Raspberry Pi, requires an operational internet to function. Never mind that both ends are connected to my LAN. An opportunity to do non-communication related things.
  20. Yes again! just 21 hrs this time. There was a town/area wide power bump yesterday. High winds. I thought they had dual source for the power. Internet did not survive the bump. Some times I wonder why I chose to live here, then I look out the window...
  21. It seems that some one (The local power company) drove through town with their bucket up. They ripped the cable off of 5 poles before figuring out what that funny sound was.
  22. In my zeal this post was incorrectly deleted. My bad.
  23. The way I read the notice, they are talking about the SCBL, not reporting spam that feeds the SCBL. BUT that is JMHO. As with all things, my opinion included, 'You get what you pay for.'
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