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Is This spam? I Guess Not.


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I just got 2 emails I don't know what to do with. One has as subject:

"Re: [spamCop ( id:6311506493]Hello Lodbob"


Thanks for your email.
I am on annual leave until Monday 8th June.
If you have a support issue please direct it to support[at]thepropertyjungle.com.
If you have a maintenance issue please direct it to maintenance[at]thepropertyjungle.com.
Accounts queries can be dealt with by kelly[at]thepropertyjungle.com.
All other urgent matters can be attended to by my PA sharon[at]thepropertyjungle.com.
Otherwise I shall reply when I can or on my return.
Kind regards"


The other:

"[ABUSE #271115]: [spamCop (http://TADBIRPE.com/sercret_vids.htm) id:6311231618]Lode hey, man!


thank you for reporting
this website suspend"


I guess those are not spam but replies from ISPs. Not to be reported by me.


By clicking on that link in the second email a "This Account Has Been Suspended" message appears. Good work. :)

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The first one:

"Re: [spamCop ( id:6311506493]Hello Lodbob"

Looks like a dumb auto-respond to a SpamCop spam report. From your other postings, you have your SC account set-up so you can receive replys to you sent spam reports.

In this case the id number (6311506493) identifies the spam reported that the sender is responding to. If you log in to SpamCop, go to past reports and enter the ID number you can see the original spam report that was sent for you.

In this case, it looks like the abuse[at] email address that received the spam report has been set to auto-respond "out of the office" Until 8 JUNE. I guess that gives us a clue as to how much they care.

Anyway this is not spam. Although auto-respond messages do qualify, in this case the auto-respond was forwarded to you by SpamCop. If you report this as spam you will get a short, but polite, email from Don, a SC deputy, telling you to clean-up you reporting act! Yes, I know this by experience.

The second one: "[ABUSE #271115]: [spamCop (http://TADBIRPE.com/sercret_vids.htm) id:6311231618]Lode hey, man!

Is also a response to one of your spam reports {NOTE: [spamCop ...... id:6311231618] in the subject}

In the second case they may have done something, noting the abuse number pre-pended to the subject line.

Again this is not spam, it is a message from SpamCop forwarding a response from someone that received a spam report. You can use the id number to see who the report was sent to.

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