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Enhancement Request: timestamp of resultion?

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I've reported very fresh spam (<1 hour old) for which spamcop claims the ISP has already reported the issue as resolved.

So, either the ISP is really on the ball, or else the problem recurred after it was "fixed"...

The FAQ is not very clear on this situation, and the actual timestamp of the "it's dealt with" isn't displayed -- how does spamcop cope with "resolved" cases which aren't actually resolved?

If it displayed:

"ISP reports issue was resolved as of dd-mmm-yy at hh:mm"

this would be much less ambigous..

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The responding ISP has several options to choose from in the "handled the problem" category, ranging from 'spew has stopped' to 'send no more reports' (theory being that they are aware of it and need no more piling on of reports) ....

and one would conjectur that the "time stamp" code is a bit different based on which answer the ISP chooses.

If the ISP goes with "send no more reports" .. the flag is set with a 24 hour counter ... spam reports made after that 24 hours will once again be sent.

If the ISP goes with "spam has stopped" .. then paying members have an option to "challenge" this status.

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