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From what i have seen, most Spammers/hackers try to login with http proxy, ssh or telnet. Once in with console access to the router, they can then initiate a port connection to someone else's smtp server. On my home web server, I have seen unsuccessful attempts at them trying to use http as a proxy for smtp. The Spammer does not care how, they just want to use your IP to make a SMTP connection to send spam.

Hi would some one explain my about Open access router.I don't have a lot of knowledge about it.But for my is interested.Open Router on the World can by use by Spammer.If yes how ? .This server don't have option send spam .

I am not familiar with the Open Router types specifically, but I have seen attempts for apache/squid connecting to send spam. The major issue with most routers, is that tracking of the "proxy" connections is very hard to track.

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I'm watching on the spammer faces and wonder why this people some don't have a lot of knowledge only use some soft ,application to send spam .Are much smart then "IT team" .Who make good money from create some for example sendmail and different software .



I'm guessing the owner of this Open router do not have knowledge how to send spam.Just spammer use his router somehow .Or this is WiFi router probably interior, LAN user are infected and send spam for this gateway.

Linux usually is in truncate version on Router.

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You see some people say it could be vulnerable for Shellshock .Same as owner of router system say .The router not spaming your account .But I see there are same option to send email from unsecured router look screenshot .

http:/ /postimg{DOT}org/image/rrk0eqq4h/

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Same websites for spamming.Spammer make good job.For him self.

http:/ /www.rrbaterias.com.br/produtos.php


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