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My pet spammer doesn't bulge


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I have gotten dozens of email from this spammer more or less frequently during the past year and he's doesn't seem to give up.


Here's the track record for the source link in the mail


In every mail he's using xxxx[at]emal.com in the reply:to and from: fields. Does that say anything?

Reporting him hasn't helped so far. What am i doing wrong?

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Hi, Klappa,

Starting at the bottom: You are doing nothing wrong in your reporting. After a spammer is reported, one of several other things must also happen for you to see a result in your received spam.

  • The ISP that controls the IP identified by the SC parser, MUST take action to purge the spammer from their service to stop the spammer. or
  • Your mail server must be using the SpamCop blocklist to filter your incoming and your "Pet spammer" must be on the list at the time the new spam is received.

Keep in mind that the SC blocklist is dynamic, meaning that IP addresses are added and removed from the list all the time. For you that means IF one day when you receive and report the spam AND there are enough reports to get the IP on SC's list, the next day or the day after the IP could be off the list again when more spam from the same source.

Keep in mind that SC's first objective is to build the blocklist so that users of the blocklist can use the list to filter incoming email as a burst of spam is being sent. A secondary objective is to help a responsable ISP by sending spam reports to them so they can "police" their clients to keep spammers from using IP addresses their clients use. If the ISP that receives the spam report is not a "responsable" member of the internet comunity, the spam will continue.

The links you provided are not the TRACKING URL you needed to provide. The first link you provided, the report ID, is a reference only you can use to see the spam report. After you press the "Submit spam" button an new screen that starts:

SpamCop v © 2015 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:

Like the quote above will appear. THAT is the tracking URL similar to the one you should provide so others can see the spam and the results of the parser.

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Keep on reporting!

One thing to keep in mind is that the "From" header, together with a couple of others, such as "Reply-To:", are notoriously unreliable as clues to the true origin of an unwanted email. The reason for this is that they are easily forged. This might be done for a number of reasons, including lulling you into a false sense of security by masquerading as someone you might trust, or to divert attention away from the real sender.

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