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Yesterday I received three emails through Mail Minion.

One has a tracking URL https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6158447098zca783942c0f5ea8055a23ba78b5baa3cz

The header is at the beginning of the entire message and continues through the line X-Nonspam: None

This is followed by a break and then the original message.

This was a sophisticated message as it had a lot of blank lines and was intended to exceed Spamcop's size limit. I deleted many of these lines prior to submission.

All three emails were rejected as not having a header.

I reported directly to Mail Minion as instructed in the "header".

Is there anything else on my end I could have done to get this in the system?

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Lou -

I can't follow the logic about the similarity between outdated certificates and Mail Minion. Other spams get posted to SpamCop with no problem.

A Google search on Mail Minion (MM) leads to numerous "make money fast" sites. It appears to me that somewhere in its header, MM has found a "cloak shield" for SpamCop to enhance MM's marketability to spammers. I was looking for some way to penetrate this shield.

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