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Request for Sample Bad Spam


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If you have samples of the following spams, please send them to deputy_samples[at]spamcop.net

1) Include the complete headers and text pasted into your email. You may also attach the sample if you would like but that's optional.

2) Send only one sample per email. Indicate in the subject line the type of sample that you are sending. At this time these are the only samples that we are looking for.

3) Include the following: your registered SC email address in case we need to ask you questions and also the tracking url from the parse that you attempted -- regardless of whether you sent reports or not.

This is what we are looking for right now:

1. Spams that contain "null links" -- i.e. urls in empty tags

2. Spams that contain urls with tags that are empty except for a punctuation mark

3. Spams that hit the too many links where the links are all from the same domain and likely to be wildcarded

4. Spams that hit the too many links where there are mutliple "innocent" urls and one or more payload urls.

Thanks in advance. The reason we are not just dumping the spam newsgroup to the new email address is that we really need to have your registered SC email address and the tracking url. Please do not include a url to the spam newsgroup and do not copy/paste from the newsgroup to the email address -- we would like to see these as close to original format as possible without all the various distortions which may be added by various newsreaders and email apps other than the original recipient's distortions :-)

If someone would propagate this to the forums -- maybe a pinned entry? I'd appreciate it!

I'll let you know when we have enough samples and/or if we need other samples.



Once the zombies are in the house, it's a bit late to decorate.

Michael J Wise 10/08/2003

Edit: 2005/10/13 00:06 EDT -0400 Jeff G. munged the email address and rewrapped the lines.

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From: "Wazoo"

To: "SpamCop Deputies"

Subject: Ancient request still valid?

Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:06:55 -0500

I have searched a bit for something that followed up to Ellen's last

remarks in that request, but have yet to find either "we need more"

or "please stop sending these" postings ....much has changed in all

these years past .... not sure if the spam in question is bringing

up the repeat cycle of 'empty' links or simply the age-old

'too-many' links, but .. that wasn't the actual question asked.

[spamCop-List] Request for spam samples Ellen


Request for Sample Bad spam, Please note address and specifics


The PM received via the Forum, asking;

The announcement SpamCop Discussion - Request for Sample Bad spam

has had no updates since June 2004 - do you know if TPTB still want

such things? (I ask because I received my first spam in a very long

time with "too many links".)

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I have received an e-mailed response to the prior query posted. However, ......

If I post the e-mail, I get yelled at, as permission to post it was not granted.

If I 'paraphrase' the content, I get yelled at as what I post "wasn't what was meant" ....

If I post only my own words, I place myself in the position of not being able to back up those words.

So here goes ....

This Topic / issue was raised back in 2004. The specific issue was either fixed or went away, "corporate knowledge" of that era has basically disappeared.

The 'too many links' issue is known by anyone that's been around a while, most spammers know about it also. Bottom line, the Parsing system is not going to be 'killed' by trying to process a spam with a zillion (probably bogus) links, thereby impacting possibly thousands of other spam reporters and reports.

There are numerous places that identify how someone can contact the Deputies if there is something specific that can't be handled in any other way. Suggested starting point for that is Where to get Help

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