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Spamcop email address change, how?

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About a year ago, the SpamCop Admins put up a news message on the main login page that said something along the lines of "we're sorry but some spammers have randomly forged return addresses that only contain one or two characters, so they will be receiving a lot of return mail bounce messages for a while..." (or something similar.)


It has been almost a year, and I still am unable to use my tv[at]spamcop.net email address! I get nothing but a TON of bounce messages, and frankly I'm tired of having to clean out my mailbox a page at a time -- sometimes 14 pages worth!

1. can I have a nice admin change my email address from "tv" to "tmv" in their database without altering anything else?

2. can the admins add a button to completely delete an ENTIRE mailbox full of messages, instead of just a single page at a time? Or if you can select ALL messages, not just those on a single page, then please tell me how to do that.

If anyone else has any epiphanies on my problem please share them.


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1. You can try to send a nice request to support <at> spamcop.net and see if you can convince JT (the owner & management of the e-mail side of things) to handle your request. That you took a year to decide that the two-letter account was bad counts against you. Asking to bump it up to a whole 3 letters isn't going to help. And, it's not quite as "easy" as you thing, as there's a bit of work in setting up a new account, being nice enough to move everything that pointed and was included in your old account / folders over to the new account .... Trust me, this is not something taken lightly .. but, perhaps JT will handle it all for without complaint.

2. with all the requests from folks that want their e-mail back after deleting it, folks that can't "find" their e-mail due to one issue or another, I'd suspect that putting up a single button to "make it all go away" might be the wrong thing to do. But, how about going through some of the other Topics to see if there might be something you can do on your own ... one for instance that covers a lot of ground is at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1539 .. there are others ...

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