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Email not parsed?


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I've been receiving emails from a spammer that aren't parsed bye the spam cop engine. No links detected. Apparently the text of the message is an HTML file, base64 encoded, charset ISO-8859-15.

On Gmail I have to enable images to see the links.

Should I post a couple of them here to help with the analysis?


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Looking at the current work load,https://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spamstats

it could be that the parser 'decided' that there was not time to do the work necessary to find the links. Remember finding and reporting links in the body of spam is the third priority task after 1) identifying the source of the spam and adding the source IP to the block list, and 2) sending reports.

I see your reports are also being sent to knujon{AT}coldrain.net. Their first priority is the links in the spam (follow the money).

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BTW where do i find the ID pages of previously made reports on Spamcop? To send to others like abuse departments etc..

I would agree with you Membersph. It's much better to report and invistigate the links in the body but sometimes they often use hyperlinks/http referers or similar do hide the real source domain. It can be irritating as Spamcop then can't track to the source.

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