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More spam since beginning spamcop email acct??

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Hey all,

Still getting acclimated to running my email through my spamcop email account. IMAP is making clearing the held-mail folder much easier, but still a very time-consuming task..

But I digress..

I wanted to see what others think abot the following observation: I get more overall volume of spam now than I did before establishing my spamcop.net email account, and importantly, MUCH more is getting through the filters now than it did in the early weeks of using the account (maybe 6 weeks ago)

And so I wonder ... Does reporting spam inadvertently invite spam .. somehow?


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On one hand, yes, it is possible to perform some actions that could invite more spam. Mishandling of spam, for instance .. now that one is in the 'attack' mode, there's more of a chance that one would open the e-mail (vice the just hit delete that would have been done yesterday) .. and opening up the e-mail in an unsecure manner may kick out the connections that would show your address as being "live" ... One may end up sending a report to a spammer and/or an ISP that supports the spammer, and again, something "special" is done with your address.

But in reality, the "real" reason is based on timing. While one floated through cyberspace, enjoying the view, that one or two spams every now and then weren't that much of a distraction. But then came the day that there was just too much garbage in the view, and for most, this means that their address had been picked up and is now a part of the infamous "make-a-million-$" CDs, and also in those "buy a list of known-good all opt-in" addresses ... so the address in question is now on the market and spreading. So just because you started complaining, there are more idiots out thinking that they're going to get rich with that latest deal they got in their InBox ....

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