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Help with understanding of Mailhosts, Spamcop

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i have a personal VPS where i have two different domain and website.




the most used for me is the domainA.ext where in Exim I AM also using spamcop blocking list for block spam but sometimes spam arrive to my inbox so I registered on your website with a gmail email address.

So I log in with my account and past the headers for report email spam received on domainA.ext.

Should I be registered with my domainA.ext email address or is good gmail? Maybe just not user foward function, just paste into the site headers for report spam.

I see for have better protection there are Mailhost but I AM unbale to understand... If I go on Mail host at the bottom when I press Add i see my gmail email address inserted in the field for add.

I AM not very perfect with english so maybe have some issue to understand. On domain A should I add all email address I AM using, one by one?



etc? so have to register by adding one by one email address?

I also not understand this text I see when i press Add

You only need to register one address per service provider. SpamCop doesn't need to know if you have more than one address at the same place.

If you have multiple accounts, please register them all with SpamCop to avoid identifying them as spam sources. Also, please do not report spam you receive via mailing list software or other forwarding systems unless you first register them with SpamCop (you must be able to receive mail through them).

If you ignore this warning or fail to complete this registration completely and you continue to use SpamCop, you may accuse your own email service providers of spam. This could result in blacklisting them and in the termination your accounts.

So if I have mail1[at]domainA.ext mail2[at]domainA.ext mail3[at]domainA.ext should only register one of this?

How to complete the registration? Why the message talk about the risk to see my email flagged as spam?

Also unable to understand that:

Please ensure that your mailing list traffic is properly filtered so that it is not reported as spam! Even spam delivered to your mailing lists must not be reported unless you are the mailing list administrator.

Mailing list?

Also this I CAN'T understand:

SpamCop will initially prohibit "quick reports" (available to SpamCop email users) from your account. When you have tested reporting spam from all your mailhosts, you will be allowed to end this prohibition. Please double-check all your spam reports until you are satisfied that SpamCop correctly understands your configuration.

After press continue to step 2 what will happen?

Why i should do this Mailhost registration? For what is?

Thanks in advance and sorry, is more difficoult for me understand well as the text is not in my native language (I AM Italian)

Thank you.

Usually I use to report header email spam on the Report spam tab

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The purpose for Mailhost configuration is to document for the parser which part of the header in the spam you report is part of the normal path taken by your email. This is to help prevent reporting to valid mail servers the spam you submit.

What is important is the PATH taken by you email. There is no need to include email1[at]domainA.ext and email2[at]domainA.ext in Mailhost IF they both follow the same path.

However, if email3[at]gmail.com is forwarded to a mailbox at domainA.ext mail server that should be included. Otherwise it looks to the paser as if the gmail address is part of the spammers attempt to obfuscate their true source.

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