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Unblocking sender (s)


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I have just signed up with starband to recieve large email attachments.

The first time out of the gate a regular client is blocked.

This is not a situation where the sender is likely to go online and get themselves removed from a list.

How can I be proactive in allowing them to send me email/large attachments?

Bill R

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Perhaps send your client a note that includes the link to http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=972 that may explain your suggested possibility that his/her e-mail server is on the SpamCopDNSbl.

You make no mention of how big those attachments really are. Perhaps worth noting that many ISPs don't allow massive attachments to flow through their systems via e-amil. If you're talking massive megabits, there are much more efficient methods of transferring those files, FTP being the usual obvious first suggestion.

To be "proactive" (after clueing your client in via the above mentioned link), you'd want to find out if you can whitelist this client's e-mail source. Whether you can do at at the user level or starband has to do it at their level is something only you/they can answer. If your client is using a spm friendly ISP, and the option to whitelist is with Starband, this may not be possible, as opening the gates to allow your one client's e-mail also means opening up the gates to the rest of the starband customers to whatever spew may be coming from that client's ISP. Much wiser choice to get your client to get his/her ISP to take some action and fix whatever problem exists.

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