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Got spam from another member on this forum - jennybaby34


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Wow - either this person has no idea what forum they signed up on or they have to be one of the dumbest criminals on the web.

I just received an email with a fake romance spam entitled: jennybaby34 started a new personal conversation with you

Message as follows:


jennybaby34 has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "hi".

jennybaby34 said:



i am miss Jenny i am looking for friendship

please contact me now so you can know more

about me with my pics




You can reply to this personal conversation by following the link below: (link removed)

It just goes to show that spammers don't always think before they act.

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Spammer's rule #1: Spammers are stupid.

From time to time, I see spam both here and on another forum that deals with spam. It doesn't seem to matter that posting in such forums (fora?) or emailing their members increases the chances of their details being listed in anti-spam databases.

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In the dark of night a spammer, Jennybaby34, added a post to a thread in Reporting help and sent several PMs.

I think I have squashed the source. However, some of those that were sent PMs and are just now logging in, finding the PM and reporting it.

If you are still getting a PM that was sent later than "Sent 13 April 2016 - 12:46 AM" , let me know. So far 6 members have reported the PM and I also got one.

I haven't thought about that midnight time stamp vary hard, it could be 12:46am US Mountain Daylight Saving Time

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As Forum Admin, I think you should personally contact Jennybaby34 and find out why she/he/it posted here. Is she a real human being? Is she a bot that posts on random sites? Is she a 55-year-old fat guy named Bubba trying to support his Twinkie addiction?

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As part of removing the comment spam, adding the poster's account to moderator queue so that all future post must be approved, an email is sent explaining the action and why.

In this case I also blocked their ability to send PMs.

The picture, which I deleted, not withstanding I notice they did not bother to change their profile gender from male. As for Twinkies, be nice. When Twinkies were taken off the market for a while, I bought a Twinkie pan so I could make my own to avoid withdrawal. ;-) The taste is not quite the same, I could not find all of the preservatives and chemicals included in the original. "Methadone" is better than cold turkey!

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