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"no subject" spam all devnull...


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(about) The only spam I'm getting now are ones with no subject and when I try to report them they all go to devnull.  I get about 1 a day.  Yes, I could easily flush them since I'm gmail.

a ) is  it worth reporting?

b ) why bother?


147.247.x.x   Nobis Tech  China   http://whois.domaintools.com/


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Kris, an example of the spam, providing a Tracking URL, would be helpful.

I seem to remember (not taking the time to look) seeing spam from "Nobis Tech China" before.  If you look at http://www.senderbase.org/lookup/ip/?search_string= you will see that whole neighborhood has a poor reputation, so it is no surprise that SpamCop has devnulled the reports to the IP either because of a request, the reports to abuse[at]1ue.com bounce or there is evidence that the spammer gets the reports directly.

a) That is always a question and the fight against spam can sometimes be disheartening.  However, only the reports to the ISP is devnulled. The spam you report does feed the SC blocklist and the stats you see at senderbase.

b). The blocklist does help ISPs that use the SpamCop tool to prevent spam from getting to their clients email inbox. In return you get good karma.


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Oh yea, I got a blizzard of "Michael Kors fashion items for you" yesterday.

The tracking URL confirms my guesses: The source has bounced 6 for 6 reports, so not sending any more; and the links in the body "Reports disabled for admin@nobistech.net" which I read to mean they ask not to receive spam coming from their compromised domain (maybe).

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It's interesting.  On that one I reported it to SC but also reported a well munged copy to spam at uce . I have not seen another one of that genere - in fact nothing at all.

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