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Problems Spamcop - Microsoft office 365

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Hi all, I need your help, in our company we have problems with some emails, we have office 365, sending some emails, these are returned by being blacklisted by SpamCop, copy the error message:



cp.mediainteractive.cl rechazó tus mensajes a las siguientes direcciones de correo:

El mensaje no se pudo entregar porque se sospecha que es correo no deseado. Para obtener información sobre procedimientos recomendados al enviar correos electrónicos, consulte las instrucciones que se encuentran aquí: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=526654.

cp.mediainteractive.cl produjo este error:
Decision Engine classified the mail item was rejected because of IP Block (from outbound normal IP pools) -> 550 "JunkMail rejected - mail-bl2nam02hn0218.outbound.protection.outlook.com;(NAM02-BL2-obe.outbound.protection.outlook.com) []:37024 is in;an RBL, see Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?"


to call microsoft, they tell me I must speak with businesses to let us as whitelisted, but we're going out for a spool of ips that Microsoft handles .. you as spamcop, can leave our pollachilena.cl domain as safe and reliable? ..
well I copy them microsoft's response:


"During our phone conversation and remote session we found that blocking emails is random, but always blocks is www.spamcop.net who, despite being from different domains recipients.
We found that the prinicipal block occurs when outgoing emails are being sent through the High Risk Pool. But also emails that have not gone through that pool are blocked.
We suggest you contact support www.spamcop.net, to add their domain as safe senders. "


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The answer to your problem is in the link you were provided https://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?


SpamCop's blocking list works on a mail-server level. If your mail was blocked incorrectly it may be due to the actions of other users or technical flaws with the mail system you use. If you are not the administrator of your email system, please forward this information to them.
Information about the reasons for listing (blocking) your mail server (

When SpamCop receives enough reports of spam from a given IP address that IP address is added to the blocking list. After some time without additional spam reports, SpamCop removes the IP address from the blocking list.

The block of IP addresses used by MicroSoft, your email service provider, is shared by many MicroSoft clients like your self.  It seems that one/some of those Microsoft clients send emails that are reported to SpamCop as spam.  You are suffering the results of their actions.

It would be counter productive for the effectiveness of the SpamCop block list "to add their (Microsoft) domain as saft senders" when as you correctly identified the block of IP address they use as a "High Risk Pool."  That would be a disservice to SpamCop clients.

I would suggest that Microsoft should be more careful about the emails they send for others, (which will not happen) or you/your company fine another email service provider with is more careful about who they provide service too.

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