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Odd headers, including Scallop-Baltimorean: e55bac9f7113cd


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From today's spam, these odd header lines, which followed as shown after the Date: line
To: x <x>
From: Gianna <dcox10@hirayama.org>
Argue-Eligibility: crockery
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 10:17:35 +0000
Scallop-Baltimorean: e55bac9f7113cd
Belle-Blondes-Marco: 87
Charlottesville-Unselfishness-Lawgiver: EF776ECD2FE89429


Are these new ways of getting around obfuscating my userid, when I report spam?

Or something else recognizable?

'oogled without finding anything.

I ask because since I started aggressively obfuscating 'by hand' everything I suspected might be a unique userid before submitting full texts, I have quit getting a flood of new spam in the day immediately after reporting something.

Down from half a dozen a day or more, to one spam every few days.

So if this sort of strange header is tracking responses, any problem deleting them?

I realize it's an arms race, and I don't know how to tell which spams are what an admin called "gamut spam"(obfuscation not an issue) and which ones are actually tracking people who report the spam.

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