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  1. How about "mail.spamcop.net" -- shouldn't that be a good address? Suddenly my reporting of spam is rejected, password reset doesn't help, ping says it's an unknown host, sometimes, and other times gives very long delays, viz: 30 packets transmitted, 29 packets received, 3.3% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 201.782/228.961/292.230/29.676 ms
  2. I'd guess the spam-crafters study these threads, to find out which of their tricks works to avoid reporting.
  3. Using Mac Mail, I just right-click and "forward as attachment" to the Spamcop reporting address.
  4. One problem with editing spam -- you have to open it. Not such a good idea when it may be loaded with malware.
  5. I know spammers are increasingly hiding addressee names/email in the spam text so automatic reports end up disclosing the info about the reporter and confirming an email address is valid and thus saleable to other spammers. Could Spamcop allow each user to specify a few strings that would become XXXX in reports? That would be one's personal name and email, to find them and wipe them out of the reports. For a while I was doing that by hand, editing reports --- and that did reduce the amount of followon spam I was getting --- but it's a tedious process at best.
  6. And got a couple more this morning, also reported to Richard. Is anyone else getting these messages? I guess I should ask Richard ....
  7. And a reply after I reported it: So, I'm guessing the problem occurs because of mail senders adding new servers -- thinking about how when we set up a mail source we're offered a list of servers to verify, and told we can do one or more of them --- I guess after the fact the sender must be creating new servers that we don't get a chance to list for Spamcop.
  8. It was the familiar "Mailhost configuration problem ...." No point requoting the tracking URL link here, as I believe that we have learned that the destination of those links will have changed as soon as Richard of Spamcop fixed the problem. He replied to my followup question -- I asked whether there is a way that I could fix these myself. The answer is no: And he went on to say So am happy to settle for knowing we have a guardian angel working at Spamcop who can resolve the "Mailhost configuration problem" error messages.
  9. Just got another of those "mailhost" error messages; I sent it to Spamcop Richard figuring that's the best way to resolve them. I do wish he'd tell us how to fix them, since others have gotten them too in the past. But maybe by now it's just me.
  10. Yeah, but I suspect nowadays I carry more computing power in my backpack .... progress is scary sometimes.
  11. > what I did with Acoustic coupler, vt-100 terminal/300 baud modem Logged into the WELL's VAX 11/750 in its early days. Didn't even need a home computer, just a phone line.
  12. This kind of reminds me of asking my first UNIX host's sysop about a problem connecting with my acoustic coupler, vt-100 terminal, and 300 baud modem. He replied "that's trivial." I inquired further and he explained: "'Trivial' means not worth my time to fix and you'll never figure it out in a million years." Lessons in humility, these experiences are.
  13. I have no idea what changed. Spamcop's Richard replied to my inquiry, with this: The result of whatever he fixed is: That extremely long link with the error message used to just loop back to the same reporting page where it appeared, but now it took me to an accepted spam analysis page with the usual button that let me report it. So I guess the lesson here is, when that error pops up, contact Spamcop's support line.
  14. Oh, lord, it's back again: ======================== https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6551699441z220188f8a2c708121149565d782f7ac9z Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source Mailhost: Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam No source IP address found, cannot proceed. ======================= I emailed the Spamcop guy who replied to my last inquiry. Here's hoping.
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